April 8, 2009

Ouch...don't touch me there! Stop!!!!

Well, this is the beginning of the process when doing a paint job right. Strip it baby!!! It only hurts a little because I know that it will be put back together properly in the capable hands of my paint specialists. Now, you must be asking yourself, why would anyone take apart the GT-R and decide to paint it a non-factory color? Well....they don't offer the car in the color I want and of course, everyone wants to be set apart from the crowd. Although, it is already set apart because there are very few GT-Rs in the US.

Oh yeah, by the way, Blue is my favorite color...the color of my birthstone...uh...and I just like it! Also, I am hoping to get the car sponsored, published, in SEMA, etc....where ever!

Okay folks, I will keep you updated!!!

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