December 19, 2009

Blue GTR Chronicles...'s working! In my first year in Los Angeles, I have had my car in 2 I just need to get a magazine cover!

You can see the car in the December 2009 issue of Super Street. I am just a wee little bitty shot, but it is my car nonetheless.

The one that I am happy about is the December issue of Top Gear. Yes, the same UK magazine as the great TV show. We have a 4 or 5 page spread with my car on 4 of those pages (squint and you can see it!) Also, there is a big picture of me and Avery in front of the car on one.

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  1. I love your car. If I had the money to buy a GT-R I would paint it blue to, but I would go with a darker Blue and metalic paint. Im guessing that you chose that blue because thats the blue that Nissan chose for the GT-R34. which is cool but yeah your GT-R35 should be in more magazines maybe if you do some stuff to the engine and put a sick sound system.

  2. Excellent Nissan car i like so much this car i like this color thank you for great posting